Crowdfunding Children of the Wise Oak List of project backers

If you prefer not to use Kickstarter please scroll down to see how to pledge using Paypal

I am crowdfunding my first full novel using Kickstarter. But if for any reason you are not confortable with using Kickstarter, you can also pledge via this website.
Children of the Wise Oak is a historical fantasy set in 1st Century BC Europe and following the adventures of three young Celts from Britain as they begin a lifetime quest against Rome.

List of pledge amounts and rewards - Postage is included in all pledge amounts so no hidden extras.

Pledge £1 - Donation only

You have my thanks because every pound pledged will help towards this project being successful.
Also your name will be added to a list of backers on this website.

Pledge £2 - Bookmark

As well as my thanks and your name on the website,
you will get a unique bookmark featuring the cover artwork by Iver Klingenberg.

Pledge £3 - E-Book

Obviously I want as many people as possible to be able to read my book, so for just three pounds you will receive a digital copy of Children of the Wise Oak in whichever format you prefer. Option will include DOCX PDF MOBI (for Kindle) and others tba.
This reward doesn't include any physical component but you will get yur name on the website as well.

Pledge £5 - E-Book + Bookmark (Eh?)

O.K. I just realised as I typed it, that an e-book + a bookmark is an odd combination but there you go.
This option is basically the same as the £2 and £3 pledges combined.
Also your name will be on the website but as a £5 backer.

Pledge £10 - Paperback book + other goodies

This is the first pledge amount that gets you a physical copy of the book.
In addition you also get the digital copy in your chosen format plus the bookmark, plus your name printed in the actual book as a £10 backer.
Remember this is a professionally edited and professionally printed and bound copy of a terrific story. It will also be signed by the author.

Pledge £20 - Hard-cover signed First Edition + other goodies

This is a strictly limited run. There will be 100 copies printed on this 1st edition, so maybe one day it will be worth thousands of pounds...
As well as the book you get all the other goodies of the £10 pledge, except your name will be printed in slightly larger type in a different list than the £10 backers.

Pledge £30 - Three books for the price of three

Sometimes you might want to buy a book for a friend or have one to read and one to keep.
This option also gives you the other goodies but your name is printed in an even bigger font than those who pledged £20.

Other pledges

There are some higher value pledges to get artwork prints and other cool stuff. Check out thee Kickstarter site for those and if you really really don't want to use Kickstarter then get back to me and ask.

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